White Diamond Collection

The brilliance and reflection of light through a beautifully cut diamond can captivate like nothing else.

Hartmann’s White Diamond Collection has been created from a great passion for these magical stones. The collection includes more than 100 pieces of diamond jewellery.

Remember: diamonds must be seen, experienced and tried on – this is where the magic and infatuation begin.
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White Diamond Collection

A diverse collection of white diamond jewellery has been designed based on each individual diamond. It is classic jewellery created with exquisite workmanship. 

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Hartmann’s White Diamond Collection includes more than 100 different pieces of white diamond jewellery. The collection includes many classic ‘must haves’ for the jewellery box.

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White Diamond Beauty

When a diamond necklace is designed, the process begins with the purchase of the diamond. Typically in Antwerp. The diamond is carefully evaluated, and only about 2% of the diamonds we inspect pass through the ‘eye of the needle’ and are ultimately selected.

Exquisite goldsmith work

A pavé setting is comprised of many small gemstones, usually diamonds, which are set closely together. It requires great precision, as each individual diamond is held in place by prongs. This beautiful pavé ring has 255 brilliant cut diamonds totalling 3.40ct.

The design process

When we design a piece of diamond jewellery, we always start with the diamond and the beauty of the stone. We rarely design a piece without having the diamond in front of us. The diamond is always the inspiration and fascination in our design. It is the diamond that tells the story.

Once the diamond is chosen, we begin the design process Will the diamond become a ring, a pendant or something else? A large proportion of our assortment is made up of rings and earrings. But perhaps we will be inspired to create a stunning pendant such as this 3.00ct pear shaped diamond. The pendant looks very classic in design, but still has some hidden details on the back. Pendants have a tendency to tilt or turn. We took care to set diamonds on the back of this pendant as a little surprise if it should turn around. The back of the pendant therefore features 70 brilliant cut diamonds.

We usually start with a hand-drawn blueprint in a scale of 1:1 When we are happy with the result, we make a CAD-CAM drawing specifying detailed measurements and diamond sizes. This allows us to determine how many diamonds will be required and estimate the cost of materials. For new models, we create a full-scale wax model that we can hold in our hands and observe. We place the centre stone in the wax model and assess whether we think that all the proportions are correct, or if it needs adjustment. At this stage, we often want to make adjustments to the width or thickness of a ring, for example where we think the design has become too fragile, and we would like to add a gallery or a little more shape to the design. When the wax model is approved, we create another model to revise and fuss over. Finally, the diamonds are set, and it is ready for the post-finishing process.

How long does this process take? Sometimes it goes quickly and can be done in 4-6 weeks. Other times, we stop working with a model because it doesn’t feel exactly right, and resume work when we’ve had a little time to think.

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