Wedding Bands

The diamonds for Hartmann’s wedding bands are sourced worldwide. We spend many months on the design to ensure that you get the wedding bands you want, and that they remain with you for the rest of your lives.

At Hartmann’s, we will devote all the time necessary to help you find just the right wedding bands.

Classic wedding bands

Eternity rings and channel-set bands

The classic eternity ring is characterised by a continuous ring of identical diamonds – symbolising everlasting love. This symbolism has meant that the eternity ring has become the bridal couple’s preferred choice of wedding band. Many eternity rings are designed to beautifully match the engagement ring when placed on the same finger.

Modern and timeless
There are many variations in the design of eternity rings. The setting of the diamonds and the way the gold frames the gemstones can create very different looks. Curved or straight edges, channel setting or claw setting and the use of different colours of diamonds – each can create a unique design that speaks to a certain woman.

A classic wedding band is born

The Hartmann’s Signature channel-set ring is created through passionate craftsmanship, where detail and quality play the most integral of roles.

Complete concentration is required from the selection of the diamonds to the final finish with the embossed H in gold.

Engraving wedding bands

Wedding bands become even more personal expressions of love when they are engraved. Engravings often include the spouse’s name and the date of the wedding.

You can make it even more refined and insert a gemstone from an heirloom, or a pink, white or perhaps black diamond on the inside of the band.

Let it tell the story of your love.

Wedding jewellery and bride and groom gifts

Discover our sparkling jewellery for the big day or seek inspiration for the bride or groom gift for your life companion. Pearls, gold and precious gemstones complete the final details.

Should the wedding band be worn on the right or left hand?

Should the wedding band follow the ‘love vein’ to the heart, or should it be placed on the hand that makes the promise?

Over time, there have been many suggestions as to the most common perceptions on this matter. Read on here and do what is right for you.

Wedding anniversaries

Every wedding anniversary is represented by its own traditional gift depending on the number of years you’ve been married. Perhaps the name of the anniversary will inspire you to find the perfect piece for your wife, who has been by your side for many years.

Hartmann’s online catalogue of eternity rings

Enjoy the beautiful eternity rings and find exactly the wedding band you want to say YES to.

Wedding bands and traditions

It has become a tradition to exchange wedding bands to seal a marriage. In Scandinavia, the tradition can be traced back to the 1300s, when people began to exchange rings as a sign that there was an agreement to marry. Today it is quite common for the bride and groom to exchange rings. The traditional wedding band is a smooth ring with the spouse’s name engraved inside. For many years, it was common for the bride and groom’s rings to be identical. The ring’s unbroken band symbolises the eternal fidelity that the bride and groom promise each other.

In recent years, it has become common for the bride’s ring to differ from the groom’s by being adorned with one or more precious stones. These stones are often diamonds, as they symbolise innocence and fidelity. The rings are often crafted in white or yellow gold, but it is also possible to have wedding bands made of rose gold or platinum, for example. The bands are usually crafted in 14k or 18k gold. Karat indicates the percentage of gold in the piece. 24k gold is pure gold. 18k gold consists of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy.

The best man and bridesmaids

Arranging a wedding is a major undertaking, which is why many bridal couples have close friends and relatives help with the planning. For the groom it is the best man, while for the bride it is a maid of honour and a bridesmaid, or perhaps several bridesmaids. It is often the couple’s best friends that are selected for these tasks. Originally, the best man acted as an official witness to ensure that the couple were legally married. Today, the best man’s role is to stand next to the groom during the ceremony. After the ceremony, the best man changes places with the bride.

It is also the best man’s job to bring the wedding bands and hand them to the bride and groom at the appropriate time. The maid of honour/bridesmaid’s tasks are practical ones. They often help to choose the wedding dress with the bride, and assist during the wedding and subsequent reception to arrange the dress, etc. Where there are several bridesmaids, their role is often signified by identical dresses, just as the best man’s affiliation with the groom is signified by a boutonnière (or buttonhole) identical to the groom’s.

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