Exquisite Jewellery

Exquisite jewellery craftsmanship, with attention to every detail after a long and thorough design process. The design should accentuate and showcase exactly what is unique about a beautiful gemstone or an exclusive diamond.
It is no longer the value of the diamond that captivates me. What matters is the soul, the cut and the brilliance of the diamond – they can make my heart skip a beat.
autograph autograph — Ulrik Hartmann

Exquisite Diamond Jewellery

The design is unique, and every detail has been perfected. The passionate jeweller spends many hours creating small works of art.

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A unique piece is hand-crafted

When a jeweller works on an exquisite diamond ring, they work passionately, and focus is brought to the very smallest detail. The process is often lengthy, with drawings and models, before the finished piece of jewellery can be enjoyed.

The DNA of an exquisite piece of jewellery

We consider diamond jewellery to be long-lasting luxury, and it is therefore our mission to create exquisite workmanship. The materials are selected with care and expertise, and a great deal of energy is channelled into the small details so that the finished piece of jewellery reflects the passion of the talented jeweller. 

Jewellery should not just be beautiful from above. When you put down the finished piece, you should still want to observe and admire it – it should be difficult to let it go.
autograph — Ulrik Hartmann
The hallmark of Hartmann’s collections is a focus on classic design and passionate craftsmanship. We work with the best diamonds with exquisite cuts, and we handpick diamonds at diamond polishers and mining companies
all over the world. When a new collection is created, it is always based on the adage that jewellery represents long-lasting luxury that should bring joy for many, many years. content-image Concentration, perfection and many years of practice

Fancy Cut diamonds

There are countless diamond cuts and shapes, each of which creates a unique and distinctive piece of jewellery. We have a great love of Fancy Cut diamonds, which we have used to design and create many pieces of exciting jewellery over the years.

When designing jewellery, it is not only about design, but also about a high level of comfort and wearability. A piece of jewellery must be beautiful when you hold it in your hand. You must want to explore it with your fingers, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you did not want to put it down.

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