Ring sizes


If you are uncertain about your ring size, you can find help here. Before you measure your size, here are a few tips:

    Make sure that your fingers are at room temperature for the most accurate sizing. If your fingers are warm, they will often be more swollen, whereas cold fingers often are thinner than normal.
      If you are pregnant, you probably also have swollen fingers – even if it’s not something you have been bothered by or have even noticed.
        Consider the width of the band for which you need the ring size. If the ring is very narrow and/or has a rounded band, you may need a smaller size. On the other hand, a wide and even band may require a size up.


          Finding your ring size


          METHOD 1 – measure with a piece of string/ribbon

          Take a length of string or ribbon (e.g. ribbon that is wide and flat) and wrap it around your finger close to the knuckle. Mark the start and end of the string/ribbon, so you have the full circumference. Now measure the string/ribbon with a ruler.

          This measurement is your ring size; that is, if your finger measures 5.4 millimetres, your ring size is 54.


          METHOD 2 – measure a ring you already have

          Take a ruler or callipers and measure the internal diameter in millimetres. Note that this must be done very accurately. This number must be multiplied by PI (3.14) to find the ring size.

          Alternatively, you can look at the table below and determine your ring size.

          Find your ring size


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