Hartmann’s Signature jewellery

Hartmann’s Signature is our interpretation of the classic jewellery designs. Craftsmanship is paramount, and the small details are in focus.

The design style is clean-lined, the shapes are organic, and the expression is both contemporary and classic.

We create jewellery that can be passed down to the next generation. The jewellery gains personality and stories are created – and Hartmann’s is proud to be at the beginning of those stories.
autograph autograph — Ulrik Hartmann

Hartmann’s Signature jewellery

A small gold H is embossed as the signature of craftsmanship and high-quality diamonds.

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A Hartmann’s ring comes into being in the Signature collection

Every little detail must be refined and carefully considered by the passionate craftsperson.  Complete concentration is required from the selection of the diamonds to the final finish with the embossed H in gold.

Diamond jewellery with Danish design

The design features pared-back, clean Scandinavian lines and organic forms with a modern, timeless look, combined with genuine craftsmanship.

The hallmark of the pieces in the Signature collection is that they are crafted in 18k solid yellow gold, rose gold and white gold with handpicked diamonds. All pieces are embossed with a small gold H as the signature of craftsmanship and high-quality diamonds.

The jewellery from Hartmann's Signature Series

Since 2010, Hartmanns has had its own Signature collection.
Hartmann's Signature Solitaire ring was the first piece of jewellery launched in the collection. The ring is moulded together without refitting the grabs. The soft edges and the solid expression have made it very popular. The inserted diamond is from 0.50 ct. The solitaire ring was later designed in a 'special edition' with paving along the ring rail and a 'limited edition', which has paving made from Argyle Pink diamonds.

Hartmann's Signature eternity ring is designed with 5 or 7 brilliant-cut diamonds. Each diamond is at least 0.20ct. The diamonds are set so that they sit a little higher than on other eternity rings, which makes the light reflect even more beautifully. The eternity ring is made with white, champagne and Argyle Pink diamonds.

Later came Hartmann's Signature chains, which with their double diamond sets always show the diamonds, even if the chain turns. Each joint thus has three diamonds next to each other on each side. The modern and sporty chains are available as bracelets and as necklaces in several lengths.

Since then, a Signature bracelet has been designed, with and without diamonds, as well as in a larger version for men.

The Signature Wavering is designed so that it can be matched with the Signature solitaire ring as a side ring or worn alone as a refined and sporty ring. It is designed in three sizes and with either white or black diamonds.

The latest piece of jewellery is the Signature Pendant with the soft shapes and paving sentences. The jewellery falls beautifully around the neck, due to the weight of it. The diamond pendant comes in a small version with 179 brilliant-cut diamonds and a larger one with 318 brilliant-cut diamonds.

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