Pearls, pearls, pearls

Pearls are known as ‘jewels of the sea’ and have been worn for thousands of years. Pearl jewellery is gaining in popularity and the pieces become small sculptures when the pearls are paired with diamonds.
Pearls are always appropriate
— Jackie Kennedy

Jewellery with pearls

For many years, there has been a tradition for the classic pearl to be round and white. But thankfully that is no longer the case. Today, pearls are cherished for their organic origins, and more and more colours and shapes have come to adorn pearl jewellery. 

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Oyster farm where cultured pearls are cultivated

Historically, the pearl has been adored and envied because it was rare and beautiful. Few people were fortunate enough to own pearl jewellery until one day in 1904, when Japanese entrepreneur Kokichi Mikimoto discovered the secret of the oyster and succeeded in cultivating the world’s first cultured pearl. From this arose the pearl culture as we know it today. A cultured pearl.

content-image Oyster farm where cultured pearls are cultivated

It is important to emphasise that to this day, all-natural pearl cultivation still occurs, with the mollusc itself forming the secretion of nacre (mother of pearl) around a foreign object. The human role in the process consists only of helping the mollusc along by introducing a foreign object inside its shell. Natural pearls occur in only one out of every ten thousand molluscs.

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