Classic diamond jewellery

Passion, håndværk og kvalitet

For more than 20 years, Ulrik Hartmann has designed classic diamond jewellery. The diamonds are sourced worldwide and designed by passionate jewellers. Long-standing relationships with diamond suppliers and extensive experience have made Hartmann’s one of Denmark’s leading purveyors of diamond jewellery. 

We create jewellery that can be passed down to the next generation. Jewellery that, over time, carries memories of several generations and has extremely high personal value. The jewellery gains personality and stories are created – and Hartmann’s is proud to be at the beginning of those stories
— Ulrik Hartmann
Our motto

Our motto is ‘knowledge is power’. Only by knowing whether the gemstone you hold in your hands is an excellent Vivid Blue diamond or a mediocre one can you make the correct offer.

It is also important to follow market developments in precious stones and diamonds. Otherwise, how would you know that Paraiba tourmalines suddenly have become so costly?

The more gemstones and jewellery that pass through your hands, the greater your expertise and experience. Even with my 30 years of working with diamonds, I am still constantly learning. We have a special focus on professionalism and expertise in our business. Our employees list travel abroad and specialised courses on their CVs, and every year they spend several weeks on purchasing trips, seminars and training courses – we are continually striving to gain new knowledge.

Close to the source

Being close to the source offers many advantages. We are well positioned to handpick the best and most interesting diamonds and precious gemstones before they reach the global market through trade shows and sales tours. It’s like getting up early to go to the market to pick out the freshest, tastiest tomatoes before the stalls open. At the same time, we eliminate wholesale and intermediaries by buying diamonds directly from mining companies and diamond cutters at good market prices. We always buy diamonds from suppliers that adhere to and enforce the standards of the Kimberley Process and who can declare the following:

“The diamonds herein invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, in compliance with United Nations Resolutions and corresponding national laws. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free and confirms adherence to the WDC SoW Guidelines.” 

Our pearls are purchased and selected directly at pearl auctions in Asia.

content-image Ulrik Hartmann examines the diamond before a purchase

Hartmann's historie

Hartmann’s history

Ulrik Hartmann is the founder of Hartmann’s, which opened in 1997 and is located on Bredgade in a historic and luxurious district of Copenhagen.

Ulrik’s passion for diamonds began in 1987 when he worked in the auction industry, where a large number of valuable jewellery pieces passed through his hands. After a decade of gaining extensive knowledge and experience in the profession, Ulrik was ready to open his own establishment. The shop on Bredgade was soon firmly positioned as one of the leading jewellers in Scandinavia.

content-image The facade of the shop on Bredgade
Argyle Pink diamanter hos Hartmann's

The fascination with coloured diamonds grew, and Hartmann’s began dealing with Argyle Pink diamonds in 2000.

Argyle Pink diamonds were suddenly on everyone’s lips in Denmark in 2008, when Hartmann’s presented the PINK exhibition in which the rare diamonds were displayed in unique pieces of jewellery. The exhibition was a success and Hartmann’s had established its name, as the pink diamonds were mentioned in the news on multiple Danish media channels.

That same year, Hartmann’s was presented with the title of ‘Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier’, awarded by the mining company Rio Tinto. There are only a few Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Ateliers in Europe. A few years later, in 2011, Hartmann’s launched its own Argyle Pink collection. The collection was introduced with a 64-page jewellery catalogue, as well as a new website for pink diamond jewellery Later that year, when Ulrik Hartmann made one of his regular diamond purchasing trips to Antwerp, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation accompanied him and recorded the documentary ‘The Light of Beauty’. It has since been sold to 15 countries.

In 2012, Hartmann’s was invited by Rio Tinto to display unique Argyle Pink diamond jewellery in the exhibition ‘Out of the Vault: Pink Diamonds and Royalty’ at Kensington Palace as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. The rings ‘The Ancient Rose’ and ‘Pure Heart’ were unveiled for this event, at which only 13 of the world’s top jewellers were present.

Later that year, Ulrik Hartmann celebrated his 25th anniversary in the diamond business. The celebration included the launch of an exquisite collection of diamond jewellery with the most beautiful white diamonds. As part of the celebration, a diamond cutter from Antwerp was invited to cut rough diamonds in the Bredgade shop, where interested visitors could get a better idea of the process from raw stone to polished beauty.

In 2014, Boucheron’s unique jewellery collection was introduced as part of Hartmann’s exclusive retail assortment in the flagship Bredgade shop. Hartmann’s is the only Scandinavian distributor of the beautiful jewellery from Place Vendôme in Paris. Discerning customers embraced the iconic jewellery, which includes the Quatre collection, and this led to Boucheron’s legendary watch collection, Reflet, being introduced in 2015.

A milestone was reached in 2016, when the mining company Rio Tinto and the world’s largest producer of pink diamonds, the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, chose the Dane Ulrik Hartmann to host the world premiere of the ‘Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2016’. For the first time ever, tender diamonds were displayed by a retailer before the auction. A large collection of Tender stones, along with a splendid selection of jewellery featuring Argyle Pink diamonds, was showcased for the Danish and international press at Moltke’s Palace, which was attended by the Danish Minister of Culture, ambassadors and Rio Tinto’s senior management.

content-image The exhibition at Moltke’s Palace in Copenhagen, attended by the Danish Minister of Culture, ambassadors and Rio Tinto’s top management
Fejring af 20-års jubilæum

 In 2017, the shop celebrated its 20th anniversary with events that included a large anniversary collection celebrating the beautiful colours of the landscape around the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia. The idea for ‘Hartmann’s Champagne Collection’ arose the same spring when Ulrik Hartmann became the first Dane to ever visit the Argyle Diamond Mine. 

Read Hartmann's 20th Anniversary Publication

Greenland Rubies at Hartmann's

In November 2018, Hartmann launched the world's first jewellery collection with Greenland Rubies.

The rubies come from the Aappaluttoq (Aa-puh-lu-tok) mine, which means ‘red stone’ in Greenland, and the rocks from which the rubies are mined are one of the world’s oldest rock formations.

Grønlandske Blå Safirer hos Hartmann's

Efteråret 2021 blev successen med de Grønlandske Rubiner fulgt op med en ny, udsøgt smykkekollektion med ædelsten fra de 3 mia. år gamle grønlandske klipper. Denne gang lancerede Hartmann's de Grønlandske Blå Safirer ved et helt udsolgt foredrag på Hotel Villa Copenhagen.

Argyle Blue Twilight Collection

2021 skabte Ulrik Hartmann en unik kollektion med Argyle blå diamanter, som han havde samlet over en periode på 5 år. Kollektionen fik navnet "Argyle Blue Twilight Collection". Lyset i overgangen fra dag til nat er helt unikt, og det er fra det dragende lys, at kollektionen er navngivet.

content-image 25-års diamantjubilæum i Bredgade

2022 markerer en milepæl i Hartmann's historie, idet forretningen fejrer sit 25-års jubilæum. Vi ser frem til et spændende år med nye funklende diamantsmykker, overraskelser og events. Følg med i vores liv med diamanter på Instagram på @hartmanns_official


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