Master pieces By Hartmann’s

Unique jewellery On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Ulrik Hartmann created the Masterpieces by Hartmann’s collection. The collection consists of three unique pieces crafted with rare diamonds and with an extremely high level of detail. The diamonds for the exclusive jewellery were purchased in the diamond capital of Antwerp and from the world’s largest supplier of pink diamonds, the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine. The inspiration for the jewellery is taken from Danish architecture and art, as well as from international trends.

Ocean Blue

This small sculpture is designed around a 25.01ct Paraiba tourmaline. The wave-like setting that embraces the tourmaline is decorated with 10 blue cabochon sapphires totalling 1.09ct and 214 brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 2.53ct.

The very beautiful turquoise Paraiba tourmaline was acquired some years ago on a trip abroad. It is not often that such a large and stunningly cut tourmaline comes on the market. The colour is almost infinitely dreamlike, and I was immediately transported to the captivating colours of the sea. It was the inspiration for the undulating shape of the setting, which beautifully frames the jewel.
autograph — Ulrik Hartmann

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