Hartmann’s diamond jewellery

The hallmark of Hartmann’s collections is a focus on classic design and passionate craftsmanship.

We work with the best diamonds with exquisite cuts, and we handpick diamonds at diamond polishers and mining companies
all over the world.

When a new collection is created, it is always based on the adage that jewellery represents long-lasting luxury that should bring joy for many, many years.

White Diamond Collection

White diamonds are Hartmann’s speciality

No material creates as intense fire, brilliance and dazzling scintillation as the diamond. It started more than 20 years ago with a compelling fascination for the beautiful, vivid white diamond. Since then, we have created exquisite jewellery in classic Danish design.

White diamonds are our great passion. For us, the way that light is refracted and reflected through a perfectly cut white diamond is one of the most sublime things imaginable.

Greenland Rubies

From the world’s oldest mountain formation comes the most beautiful stones. Hartmann’s is the first in the world to have created an enchanting collection from underground.

They are incredibly beautiful and intense, and it has been an amazing opportunity to work with our own country’s gems in the lead role for the first time.
autograph — Ulrik Hartmann

Hartmann’s Signature

Hartmann's Signature is a jewellery collection that was unveiled in 2010. The design features pared-back, clean Scandinavian lines and organic forms with a modern and timeless look, combined with genuine craftsmanship.

The collection includes solitaire rings, eternity rings, bracelets and bangles, earrings, pendants and necklaces – all crafted from 18k gold. A small gold H is embossed on the pieces, representing Hartmann’s signature.

Pearls, pearls, pearls

There is something incredibly beautiful and natural about jewellery with pearls, and their beauty is further enhanced when they are paired with diamonds in a piece of jewellery. Each pearl is unique. The lustre, size, colour and shape are never identical.

Hartmann’s pearl collection features a wide array of pearl creations. From long, beautiful pearl necklaces with large white South Sea pearls that can be draped around the neck multiple times, to discreet Tahitian pearl earrings with diamonds.

Masterpieces by Hartmann’s

Masterpieces by Ulrik Hartmann is a collection of unique one-of-a-kind jewellery creations.

Exquisite diamonds and rare coloured gemstones that have been handpicked over several years are used in each exclusive piece of jewellery. Each piece has been in the making for more than six months to achieve a perfect result with sublime craftsmanship and a refined design.

Exquisite Jewellery

Passion, patience and an eternal quest to make exquisite diamond jewellery lies deep in Hartmann’s DNA.

When I buy a diamond from one of my suppliers around the world, I give a great deal of thought to what design will do the diamond justice and give it the best possible life. Every little detail counts.
autograph — Ulrik Hartmann

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