With a personal engraving, jewellery becomes even more personalised and an everlasting reminder of a highlight in your life. Perhaps you want to commemorate your first date in your engagement rings, your wedding day in your wedding bands or your children’s birthdays in a bangle.

At Hartmann’s, we offer an engraving service for jewellery purchased from us, and when you buy your engagement rings or wedding bands at Hartmann’s, standard name engraving is included in the price. And of course, engraving with special designs and special requests can be fulfilled for an additional fee.

There are endless opportunities to add something special to your jewellery, and we will be pleased to assist you with our expertise so that it becomes exactly what you are dreaming of.


The classic engraving (picture of engraved rings)

Engraving rings is a custom that dates back to the Middle Ages, when poems were declarations of love both outside and inside the rings.

Jewellery engraving is still a very popular and simple way to make a piece of jewellery unique – with names, dates, symbols or romantic quotations.  

Engravings are particularly used for engagement rings and wedding bands. Rings are typically engraved on the inner surface, so the text is visible only when you are not wearing the ring.

When engraving wedding bands, there is a long tradition that the bride and groom choose to have their spouse’s name and the date of the wedding engraved – the woman’s name in the man’s ring and the man’s name in the woman’s ring. Engraving in wedding band with diamonds

In recent years, however, it has also become more common to engrave the outer surface of the rings, so that the text is visible when the ring is on your finger.

Please note that there is usually only space to engrave about 12-15 characters on engagement rings and wedding bands.


Engraving of the highest quality

We work with Copenhagen’s best engravers – experienced professionals who bring their great expertise and care to creating the most beautiful engraving in your jewellery.

Engraving can be ordered when you purchase your jewellery or performed later if you prefer. It generally takes approximately 14 days from order to delivery.

Just as the location of the engraving and the choice of text provide you with multiple options to make your ring unique, it is also possible to choose the font.

Perhaps you prefer cursive script, reminiscent of personal handwriting? Or perhaps you prefer simpler printed letters?

Wedding bands with engraving from Hartmann’s

The hidden underside of the wedding band is your secret. Engrave the date of your first date or the wedding ceremony. You can also have an engraving of a symbol or text that has a special meaning to you, and that only you know about.

Engravings are typically on the inside, but can also be done around the edge.






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