We Support

The Red Cross

The Red Cross is the largest humanitarian organisation helping vulnerable people in everyday life and during disasters.

In 2014 to 2015, Ulrik Hartmann was the “Club 10 ambassador”, and raised money through initiatives including a diamond bingo.

Ulrik Hartmann regularly participates in fundraising and Red Cross projects. Most recently in November 2018, with a ‘Christmas Help’ collection for vulnerable families, in cooperation with the Red Cross and the Dagbladet Børsen newspaper for ‘Giving Tuesday’.


The Pink Polar Bear Foundation

The Pink Polar Bear Foundation is an initiative from our partner Greenland Ruby, and Hartmann’s is proud to be a founding member of the Foundation.

The organisation aims to support international polar research in all disciplines, especially the protection of Greenland’s inhabitants (animals and humans) who are affected by climate change and the consequent cultural change.

Hartmann’s donates 0.5% of the sale price of all ruby jewellery to the Pink Polar Bear Foundation.


Hartmann’s supports The Pink Polar Bear Foundation




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