Confidence – the fifth C

Hartmann’s extensive experience and passion for diamonds means that we go one step further in our professional evaluation of gemstones – we trust our intuition. Because we know that when it comes to diamonds, there is an extra dimension that enters into play: Love at first sight.

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How do we select diamonds?

For us, the four Cs are nowhere near enough to judge a diamond. Several other criteria affect our choices, such as the proportions between each facet, the stone’s symmetry, the location of ​any inclusions, fluorescence, etc.

Trust your intuition

There is also another aspect. An unspoken, unexplained element that makes a single diamond affect us more thanothers. Perhaps the difference is a subtle, almost imperceptible combination of clarity, cut and light refraction. Or that the reflective properties on the surface of ​the gemstone are much more uniform. It is often impossible to put these additional nuances into words. Over the years, we have carefully examined and assessed literally thousands of diamonds. Out of all the diamonds that we personally examine, usually only one diamond will boast the unique qualities that deserve to be sold under Hartmann’s name.

Feel the magic of the diamond

It is an experience that you can easily enjoy in our shop located on Bredgade in the heart of Copenhagen. We are happy to devote all the time you need, even if you are just curious to experience Denmark’s finest assortment of diamonds and diamond jewellery.

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