Argyle Pink Diamonds

An era has come to an end!

On November 3rd, 2020, the legendary Australian Argyle Diamond Mine closed for operation. No other mine in the world has produced such colour-saturated and intense diamonds. With its closure no more Argyle Pink diamonds will be sourced.

When you look into the dazzling light of a pink diamond, you will be spellbound. You simply cannot avert your gaze from them. Deep in its noble facets you will find a story of magical transformation, the enormous forces of nature and of eternal time.
— Ulrik Hartmann

Argyle Pink Collection

Argyle Pink diamonds are considered to be some of the world’s finest and rarest diamonds.

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Journey to the Argyle Diamond Mine

In 2017, Ulrik Hartmann became the only Dane ever to visit the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine. An experience that Ulrik had dreamed of for several years, and that fully lived up to his towering expectations.

It was a journey by land, sea and air – and not least underground. Specifically, 1,200 metres underground in a 40 km long tunnel system.

Argyle Legacy Collection catalogue

The allure of jewellery with light red and pink diamonds. They will captivate you.

When we design jewellery with Argyle Pink diamonds, it is always based on the pink diamond itself and how it can be showcased and come into its own.

We have created countless pieces with light red and pink diamonds, which we love to show to our customers. Order our Argyle Pink Collection catalogue for inspiration.

Argyle Pink diamonds are the ultimate limited edition – and now the Argyle Diamond Mine has been exhausted.
autograph — Ulrik Hartmann

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Since 2001, Hartmann’s has dealt in Argyle Pink diamonds, which are considered to be some of the world’s finest and rarest diamonds.

Facts about Argyle Pink diamonds
  • In 1985, the first pink diamond was sourced in the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia.
  • Argyle Pink diamonds are some of the world's rarest diamonds, with pink diamonds only making up about 0.02% of the annual diamond production.
  • Every year, 40 to 60 of the most exceptional pink, blue and red diamonds are handpicked and sold at the world’s most exclusive auction – the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. It is a closed auction to which only 150 of the world’s diamond dealers are invited – including Hartmann’s
  • The diamonds are traded for millions of Danish kroner
  • The Argyle Diamond Mine closed on November 3rd 2020 and has exhausted its cache of pink diamonds.

Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

One of the world’s most exclusive diamond auctions – the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is held every year in October. The 50-60 best diamonds from the year’s harvest will be displayed, and the few invited jewellers from around the world submit their bids in sealed envelopes.

Exquisite jewellery with Argyle Pink diamonds

Over the years, Hartmann’s has acquired unique tender diamonds at these auctions. And from these we created some of our most precious creations.

The Otto

The Otto

The ring was designed in 2016 and was named after a revered Danish philanthropist, who had a great love for the beautiful Argyle Pink diamonds.
Ancient Rose

Ancient Rose

The ring was one of two rings that Hartmann’s was invited to exhibit at Kensington Palace in 2012 on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. Only 13 jewellers from around the world exhibited at the palace.

The history of Argyle Pink diamonds

Facts about Argyle Pink diamonds

When nature’s immense forces created the Argyle Diamond Mine’s pink diamonds, the only living beings on the planet were microscopic algae and single cell organisms. Humans first stood up on two legs a few billion years later. It took a further two million years to discover and extract the unique gems, which today are famous and renowned for being the most beautiful and rare diamonds in the world.

From the rugged and desolate nature

It happened in one of the most remote places on earth. In a corner of East Kimberley’s rocky expanses in Western Australia, where the vast, rugged landscape is just as intensely red as the diamonds that are sourced there. Saturated with natural beauty and loaded with deep mystery.

content-image Anthill in the barren countryside of East Kimberley, Western Australia Ants brought them to the earth’s surface

The harsh and rugged rocky desert hides its precious secrets well. The rare diamonds were hidden 150 km underground, and it was only by chance that a geologist came across a rough diamond embedded in an anthill in East Kimberley in 1979. Shortly after, a further three diamonds were located in a nearby river bed, and the Argyle Diamond Mine was established. 

The world’s largest producer of pink diamonds

Since then, the Argyle Diamond Mine has been in continuous operation, and the mine has produced over 800 million carats of rough diamonds as one of the world’s most important diamond mines. The Argyle Diamond Mine has sourced 90% of the world’s pink diamonds.

On November 3rd, 2020, the Argyle Diamond Mine closed after 37 years of operation. An era has hereby come to an end. Rio Tinto - the mining company behind the Argyle Diamond Mine - will now start a rehabilitation process for the area and surroundings, which is expected to take place for the coming five years. content-image The Argyle Diamond Mine has 40 km of tunnels

The Argyle Pink colour spectrum

Pink diamonds are evaluated predominantly on their intensity of colour and not on clarity, as with white diamonds. The most beautiful and precious pink diamonds are those that project the most intense colour. Many various hues of Argyle Pink diamonds are found in nature; from delicate blush to intense flushing pink.

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