Argyle Champagne Jewellery

The colour-saturated champagne-coloured diamonds are amazing for the Scandinavian complexion. The intense colours are deep and warm and provide a beautiful contrast to white diamonds.

In addition, the price of Argyle champagne-coloured diamonds is about 40% lower than the price of similar white diamonds.
I continue to be fascinated by the nature around the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine. That this harsh nature can produce such beautiful pieces of eternity still amazes me
autograph autograph — Ulrik Hartmann

Argyle Champagne Collection

Diamond jewellery with champagne-coloured diamonds has a warmth and glow and can be mixed and matched with your other jewellery.

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Journey to the Argyle Diamond Mine

In 2017, Ulrik Hartmann visited the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia.

It was an experience that made a deep impression. Nature’s colourful diversity was the source of inspiration for Hartmann’s 20th anniversary collection – the Argyle Champagne Collection.

It was a journey by land, sea and air – and not least underground. Specifically, 1,200 metres underground in a 40 km long tunnel system.

Argyle Champagne diamonds.

In the spring of 2017, a great dream came true when Ulrik Hartmann became the first Dane to visit the Argyle Diamond Mine and experience the mining process for himself, and he was smitten by the beauty of the nature in East Kimberley, Australia.

The Argyle Diamond Mine and the Australian landscape

As a tribute to the Argyle Diamond Mine and Australia, a collection was designed exclusively with handpicked Argyle diamonds in intense champagne, cognac and chocolate colours. 

Ulrik Hartmann, deep in the Argyle Diamond Mine’s 40 km long underground tunnel system

Read Ulrik’s travelogue from the trip to the Argyle Diamond Mine in the remote East Kimberley area of Australia. 

Read the travelogue here
Facts about Argyle champagne-coloured diamonds

• 15% of the diamond production in the Argyle Diamond Mine is the colour-saturated champagne and cognac-coloured diamonds (from C5 to C7 on the champagne colour scale).

• 25% of the Argyle Diamond Mine’s diamond production is the lighter champagne-coloured hues (from C1 to C4 in the colour scale).

• The total production of champagne-coloured diamonds totalled about 40% of the Argyle Diamond Mine’s annual diamond production.

• The brown colour is produced when the carbon atom is mixed with nitrogen, as with yellow diamonds. But the light is refracted in a special way in the crystal, providing a brown/orange colour.

• Argyle champagne-coloured diamonds have a more complicated atomic structure that makes them more difficult to cut compared to other diamonds.

• The Argyle Diamond Mine grades their champagne-coloured diamonds from C1 (light) to C7 (dark). The GIA typically grades diamonds as Fancy Dark Orange Brown, Fancy Orange Brown or Fancy Yellowish Brown.

• All champagne-coloured diamonds at Hartmann’s are certified Argyle diamonds, and diamonds over 1.00ct come with an international GIA certificate.

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