Hartmann’s 20th anniversary

The man behind the success is Ulrik Hartmann, who was dazzled by diamonds as a young man, and established the shop on Bredgade in 1997. Ulrik has since followed his passion, which has cemented him as an influential diamond expert on the international stage.


Over the past 20 years, Hartmann’s has built a solid expertise as a purveyor of exceptional and rare diamonds. Over the years, jewellery experts at Hartmann’s have handled jewellery worth more than DKK 750 million to inspire a national and international clientele with a penchant for timeless Scandinavian jewellery design and exquisite diamonds. 


“Working with diamonds and jewellery is a daily joy for me. It is a pleasure to find a special piece of jewellery for a customer for one of life’s memorable events. It’s something I never tire of and it is a constant source of inspiration,” says Ulrik Hartmann.


With this anniversary, Ulrik Hartmann looks back on two decades in which the Danish jeweller has established an international position and has brought coloured diamonds to the attention of the Scandinavian audience.

In 2008, Hartmann’s was awarded the title of ‘Argyle Pink Select Atelier’, a distinction that no other jeweller in Scandinavia has achieved.  Hartmann’s is therefore the only Scandinavian jeweller to offer the coveted, rare and very exclusive pink diamonds from the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine.

Most recently, Hartmann’s has become the only Scandinavian distributor of jewellery from the exclusive French house of Boucheron, which is the only brand besides Hartmann’s own brand to be sold in the shop.

Hartmann’s is one of only a few in its league and with Kensington Palace, Chicago and Australia as its playground, there’s rarely a quiet moment at Bredgade. Ulrik Hartmann is looking forward to a spectacular year of new initiatives, including a new anniversary collection that reflects Hartmann’s sense of ‘fine jewellery making’ and an exciting spring trip to Australia to visit Argyle, the world’s largest diamond mine, which very rarely invites visitors through its doors.


Facts about Hartmann’s

Ulrik Hartmann er indehaver af Juveler Hartmann’s og særlig kendt som diamantekspert på DR1, DR2 og TV2. Hartmann’s er eneste ”Argyle Pink Select Atelier” i Skandinavien og forhandler Argyle Pink diamanter, som anses som noget af det sjældneste og ypperste inden for diamanter.

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