Hartmann’s has acquired a taste for champagne

Champagne-coloured diamonds have a warm colour with a special glow. Argyle Champagne diamonds are graded on a C1-C7 champagne scale, and each diamond’s colour is unique, ranging from light champagne to an almost cognac brown colour.

Besides the spectacular colour of champagne diamonds, the wonderful thing about these beauties is that their price is far more affordable than that of white diamonds. According to Ulrik Hartmann, the champagne-coloured diamonds cost half of what a similar white diamond costs on average, and these diamonds are therefore aimed at a much wider, but also younger, audience.

“On my trip to the Argyle Diamond Mine, I saw many enchanting coloured diamonds – including the slightly overlooked champagne-coloured diamonds, which are really something special with their warm glow. The interesting thing about this type of diamond is firstly its attractive price, and that it features a very special interplay of colours and is extremely beautiful when combined with pink or white diamonds” says diamond expert and owner of Hartmann’s, Ulrik Hartmann.

In connection with Ulrik Hartmann’s 20th anniversary, he and the design team have developed a beautiful anniversary collection that includes champagne-coloured diamonds. The collection includes 130 pieces in a stylish Scandinavian design, where you will find both classic designs with just a few diamonds and more eye-catching jewellery in which large stones and multiple coloured diamonds interact. Moreover, it is Europe’s largest selection.

“The collection has been very well received. We have just presented the collection to 500 customers at a closed event, and they were very enthusiastic. The warm colour that perfectly suits the Scandinavian complexion and the attractive prices meant that we actually sold a record number of pieces at the first event. Fortunately, production has started again” says Ulrik Hartmann.

The collection includes rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Prices start at DKK 10,000


Facts about Hartmann’s

Ulrik Hartmann er indehaver af Juveler Hartmann’s og særlig kendt som diamantekspert på DR1, DR2 og TV2. Hartmann’s er eneste ”Argyle Pink Select Atelier” i Skandinavien og forhandler Argyle Pink diamanter, som anses som noget af det sjældneste og ypperste inden for diamanter.

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