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Unlocking the code

The process of preparing a diamond for sale is a highly specialised science involving precision craftsmanship. But it takes much more than a steady hand to be a professional diamond cutter.

Diamonds are like people. No two are alike. The key determining factor for the diamond cutter is the ability to “listen” to and “understand” each uncut stone. Otherwise the craftsman cannot crack the code and “unlock” its mysterious beauty.

The importance of the diamond cutter’s assessment of the stone cannot be overestimated. Its volume must be utilised optimally in order to maximise the carat weight of the finished diamond (or diamonds).

At the same time, it’s crucial to cut the stone in such a way that the finished diamond has the most lustre and light intensity possible. A single cutting error of even a few thousandths of a millimetre can dramatically reduce the quality of the finished diamond.