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This is not
a diamond

René Magritte, the Belgian surrealist, did a famous painting of a pipe entitled, “Ceci n'est pas une pipe" (“This is not a pipe”). The idea was, and still is, to demonstrate that the painting was not a pipe but merely an image of a pipe. Similarly, the same could be said of the diamonds and diamond jewellery which appear here. Although we’ve gone to great lengths to present them as best as possible, they are images of diamonds and simply cannot do justice to the real pieces. To truly get a sense of their beauty, they must be seen, felt and experienced.

It’s an experience you can easily have in our boutique on Bredgade 4, in the heart of Copenhagen. We would be happy to devote all the time you need, even if you are just curious, to see the finest assortment of diamonds and diamond jewellery in all of Denmark. Here at Hartmann's.