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Levels of

To properly assess the clarity of diamonds, a magnifying glass is used to enlarge the stone ten times. Clarity is divided into a variety of categories, ranging from flawless to visibly flawed.

In the top category, very few diamonds are so flawless that even a microscope cannot detect any inclusions. In the lower categories, some diamonds have inclusions which are obvious to the naked eye. In the middle categories, the imperfections may be difficult to detect even for the trained eye.

Prices can vary significantly. A diamond with just a slightly higher clarity can cost several thousand Euros more. A skilled diamond cutter will take any inclusions into account before deciding how to proceed, making sure they are reduced to an absolute minimum during the meticulous process of cutting the stone.

All of Hartmann’s diamonds are in the high end of the clarity spectrum. Carefully chosen so any stone with obvious inclusions is instantly discarded. We never buy diamonds with inclusions that impair the beauty of the stone.